The message wall
for your events

iWall is a Twitter wall and text to screen software tool that encourages audience interaction at events by allowing people to send messages and pictures to a big screen.


What can you do with iWall?

Twitter wall

Set up a social media screen that displays messages and pictures tagged with the event hashtag on Twitter.

Message wall

Receive messages and pictures via SMS, Email or Telegram and display them on a big screen.

Live polls

Create polls where people can vote via SMS, Email or Telegram. The results will be shown live with instant updates.

Message moderation

Use manual approval to review each received message before showing it on the screen.

Filter out inappropriate words

Set the automatic word filter to remove all the inappropriate words you do not want to see on the screen.

Export messages

Store received messages and pictures in sessions and then export them as HTML files.

Who is using iWall?