Try iWall for Free!

You can use iWall Lite to try out most of the features of iWall Pro and iWall Max with up to 30 messages per day, then you can buy a license to enable more features and remove the daily messages limit.

What do you need to use iWall?

A computer running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
A connection to the Internet.
A secondary display or projector configured as extended desktop.
An SMS-enabled phone number from Twilio if you want to receive SMS text messages.
A Telegram bot if you want to receive messages and pictures via Telegram.
A Fastmail account if you want to receive emails.
A Multitech MTD-H5-2.0 modem you can buy from Digikey or Arrow if you want to receive SMS text messages, but Twilio is not available.